Archived Theses

The Atrium is the University of Guelph’s open access institutional repository. It provides long-term stewardship of scholarly and creative works created by the U of G community through the collection, curation, preservation, and dissemination of these works.

Linked below are resources created by staff, faculty, and students associated with the Guelph Turfgrass Institute which have been archived on The Atrium. 




  • Synthesized ecological design recommendations for the optimization of biodiversity on golf courses with an application to southern Ontario LINK- Andrews, Jenny Faye 


  • The Effects of Biosolid Amended Soils on Turfgrass Health, Soil Quality, and Disease Development  LINK - Sukhu, Vighnesh


  • Integrated Management of Dollar Spot Disease of Creeping Bentgrass Using Soil Conditioners LINK - Oztur, Eslin Duygu 
  • Effects of biostimulants on creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera) and post-harvest debris of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) on soil microbiology and chemistry LINK - Samur, Ivan D. 
  • Efficacy of non-conventional fungicides for the suppression of dollar spot disease caused by Clarireedia jacksonii LINK - Rudland, Matthew 


  • Turfgrass Water Use and Growth under Low Mowing Heights and Different Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Drought Conditions LINK - Xiao, Miyuan 


  • Efficacy of non-conventional fungicides for control of the plant pathogens Clarireedia jacksonii and Microdochium nivale LINK - Stone, Katherine 
  • Preventing Loss of Winter Hardiness in Turfgrass on Golf Greens and Fairways in the Late Winter LINK - Flude, Corey 


  • Resistance to fungicides in the plant pathogen Microdochium nivale LINK - Gourlie, Ryan 
  • The Improvement of Methods for Small Scale Prairie Restoration on Naturalized Areas of Roadsides, Urban Parks and Golf Courses LINK - Shi, Ling
  • Turfgrass Water Use and Photosynthesis in Controlled Environments LINK - Harnock, Craig 


  • Activated Resistance of Bentgrass Cultivars to Microdochium nivale under Predicted Climate Change Conditions LINK - Stricker, Sara 


  • Effects of Bacterial Endophytes from the Genus Zea on Non-Native Host Species in the Context of Application to Biological Weed Control LINK - Harding, Dylan P.
  • Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Managed Golf Course Greens throughout Canada LINK - Wallace, Taylor
  • Molecular and physiological mechanisms underlying the antifungal and nutrient acquisition activities of beneficial microbes LINK - Shehata, Hanan 


  • The effect of plant patch size and spatial pattern on biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and grassland community structure LINK - Seahra, Shannon 
  • Bacterial communities associated with the cycling of nitrogen in a tree-based intercropping system LINK - Graungaard, Karla Celia 
  • Changes in Sensitivity of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa to the Demethylation Inhibitor Fungicide Propiconazole 20 Years After First Use LINK - Van Den Nieuwelaar, Anne-Miet 


  • Exploring the effects of hormone manipulation on the cold tolerance of cool season turfgrasses and cereals LINK - Kerr, Robert A. 
  • Alternative Strategies for Broadleaf Weed Management in Residential Lawns LINK - Siva, Cynthia 


  • Genetic and Pathogenic Differences Between Microdochium nivale and Microdochium majus LINK - Jewell, Linda 
  • Non-Point Source Pollution in Quaternary Glacial Deposits, Guelph, Ontario LINK - Best, Anna
  • The effects on aboveground biodiversity of a community invaded with the grass Schedonorus pratensis associated with the endophyte Neotyphodium uncinatum. LINK - Shukla, Kruti 


  • Effects of nitrogen source and nitrogen metabolism on chlorosis in leaves of 'SR 7200' velvet bentgrass (Agrostis canina L.) LINK - Xu, Huasong 
  • Morphological and Pathogenic Analyses of Varieties of Waitea Circinata And Their Rhizoctonia Anamorphs LINK  - de la Cerda, Karla Adriana
  • The effectiveness of induced plant disease resistance: genotypic variation and quantification by chlorophyll fluorescence LINK - Tung, Jonathan 
  • Activation of disease resistance and defense gene expression in Agrostis stolonifera and Nicotiana benthamiana by a copper-containing pigment and a benzothiadiazole derivative LINK - Nash, Brady Tavis 


  • The effect of nitrogen fertility on growth and quality of Agrostis canina L. and Agrostis stolonifera L. putting green turf LINK - Watson, John Robert Andrew Keith 


  • Effect of azoxystrobin on turfgrass phyllosphere microbial populations and disease enhancement LINK - Benedetto, Daniel 
  • Systemic acquired resistance and induced systemic resistance against foliar diseases of Agrostis stolonifera and Nicotiana benthamiana LINK - Cortes Barco, Alejandra Maria 


  • The effects of perennial ryegrass overseeding on weed suppression and sward composition LINK - Elford, Evan Michael Andrew 


  • Changes in sensitivity of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa to the demethylation inhibitor fungicide propiconazole LINK - Liao, Angie 


  • Screening Ecotypes of Poa annua var. reptans for Susceptibility to Pink Snow Mould Caused by Microdochium nivale LINK - Cunningham, Martha 


  • Effects of organic fertilizers on turfgrass quality and growth LINK - Grégoire, Guillaume 


  • Characterization and assessment of compost for suppression of selected turfgrass diseases LINK - Boulter, Jeanine I.


  • Sensitivity of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa to the DMI fungicide propiconazole LINK - Barton, Wayne Robert 


  • Infiltration, nitrate and chloride leaching, and dicamba fate in unsaturated soil below turfgrass LINK - Roy, James W.


  • Detection of Leptosphaeria korrae, The Causal Agent of Necrotic Ring Spot, and its Occurrence in Southern Ontario LINK - O'Gorman, Daniel 


  • Bioassays to Detect Dissipation and Efficacy of Benomyl on Turf LINK - Liu, Leon Xuecai