Arthur Rosenfield

Graduate Student, School of Engineering
B. Gharabaghi
Arthur is a Master of Applied Science in the School of Engineering, researching in the field of Environmental Engineering.

Project Outline:

Arthur’s project is a continuation of the work done by Dr. Kuo-Hsien (Michael) Chang and Dr. Eric Lyons on the Turf Canopy Scanner. The Turf Canopy Scanner (TCS) is made up of LiDAR sensors and will be integrated with machine learning to create predictions for fill-in and harvestability of sod. It will do this by detecting bare patches in the turf and tracking how the field changes over time by overlaying temporal data. In addition, comparisons of statistical models and machine learning techniques will be completed for the project, for the purpose of measuring each model’s accuracy in bare patch detection. Future for this project include attaching a variable rate spreader for bare patch remediation.

Courses Taken:

ENGG*6500   Intro to Machine Learning
ENGG*4580 Sustainable Energy Systems Design
ENGG*6000  Advanced Heat & Mass Transfer