Jaber Husiny

Jaber Husiny
Graduate Student, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Dr. Eric Lyons

Jaber is a MSc candidate conducting research on turfgrass and winter wheat. He previously completed a Bachelors of Bio-Resource Management with a major in Environmental Management at the University of Guelph. 

Project Description:

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are commonly used to manage turfgrass growth on golf courses. Growing degree day (GDD) models predict the need for application and reapplication of PGRs such as trinexapac-ethyl (TE) and paclobutrazol. Optimal GDD models for application of prohexadione calcium (PC), a late-stage gibberellin inhibitor, on fairway-height turfgrasses are currently unknown, resulting in potential loss of regulation. The impact of PC and TE on plant growth and stand health were evaluated over two years on mixed stands of creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) and annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) maintained at 9 mm height at the Guelph Turfgrass Institute. Five treatments (control, PC 2.8 g/100 m2, PC 5.6 g/100 m2, PC 8.4 g/100 m2, and TE 8.0 ml/100 m2) were organized in randomized complete block designs with 4 replications each year. Treatments were applied based on a label rate GDD schedule. Plant dry weight (DW; taken 4-10 days after treatment), visual colour ratings and normalized difference vegetative index (NDVI) were assessed at varying timepoints during the growing season. Most PC and TE treatments effectively reduced DW and had a positive effect on visual colour and NDVI. A linear relationship was observed between PC application rates, suggesting that higher application rates allow for greater regulation of plant growth. Rebound effects were noted when application dates exceeded 350 GDD and had an average of thermal time greater than 21.0 GDD over a 10-day period (GDD/10 day). The development of optimal GDD models for PC will assist in the effective regulation of turfgrass growth and improved stand health.


Lyons, E. M., Watson, J. R., & Husiny, J. 2019. Comparing effectiveness of plant growth regulators Anuew and Primo Maxx on fairway height turfgrass. The Atrium. 

Lyons, E. M., Watson, J. R., & Husiny, J. 2019. Assessing various wetting agents on golf putting greens comprised of calcareous and siliceous sand-based rootzones. The Atrium.

Husiny, J., Lyons, E. M., & Watson, J. R. Plant growth regulation and the rebound effect of prohexadione calcium on fairway height turfgrass. Frontiers in Plant Science. (In preparation).


Canadian Society for Horticultural Science Graduate Student Conference, August 27, 2021

Honours and Awards:

Academic All-Canadian (U-Sports) and All-Ontario (OUA). Awarded for maintaining above 80% GPA through multiple years as a Varsity Wrestler. Received certificates and letter from former Governor General of Canada the Rt. Hon. Julie Payette.

GCVI football team MPV and District 10 all-star. Obtained awards of excellence in athletics and academics.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Awarded to exceptional graduate students across Ontario based on academic excellence, research potential, and letters of reference. 

George and Lois Whetham Scholarships in Food Systems OAC. Awarded to exceptional students entering a Masters or PhD program in the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) and whose area of study is food systems

Soden Memorial Scholarship in Agriculture. Awarded to outstanding students in a program at the Masters level in the OAC who have maintained a GPA over 80%.

University of Guelph Dean's Honours List. Achieved a GPA over 80% for 2 consecutive years